If a tree is in a difficult location or too large to be handled safely then you need a crane

Large trees that need special care

Let the experts at Triangle Tree Service handle any job that may be unsafe or too large. Our crane makes quick work of removing trees that may be damaged due to a storm or rot. Our crew of arborists will come to your home or place of business and assess the damage and potential hazards then will carefully remove the tree or trees in question. If a tree can be saved, our team is also extensively trained to help save it.

When removing a large or damaged tree, we use our own crane run by our CCO Certified crane operators who take caution to protect your property. Each operator passes mandatory training requirements and safety regulation assessments. Using a crane to remove dead, damaged, or fallen trees takes less time than manual removal and reduces the impact on surrounding flora and fauna.


Whether you have experienced storm damage or need trees, hedges, or mangroves trimmed, limbs or trees removed, or stumps ground, Tringale Tree Service is the right company for the job.

Triangle Tree Service is a family-owned and operated
tree service company serving West Florida for more
than 40 years.

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